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LGG colour board No2 300dpi LGG Pattern design No1 300dpi IMG_0032 DSC_0248 PICT0041 DSC_0247 Lucetta picture taken by Jim Pope 1976 IMG_20220704_064640_05 LGG Machine Embroidary 300dpi IMG_0036 DSC_0249 IMG_20220704_064455_01 LGG Pattern design No2 300dpi Lucetta and Carole 2 London May 2010 IMG_20220704_064640_04 LGG and Kate French photo DSC_0250 DSC_0253 IMG_20220704_064719_04 LGG Pattern design No3 300dpi LGG Blue Maize Girl sample 300dpi Lucetta outside of old Scollard Street store with parrot lower resolution IMG_20220704_064635_02 LGG colour board No1 300dpi Lucetta with a vintage scarf Lucetta at the Distillery, March 2006 Mrs Jennings, Lucetta, Christine, Geraldine and Hillary PHOTO91 Lucetta and Gordon DSC_0231 PHOTO90 Lucetta outside of old Scollard Street store with parrot high resolution IMG_20220704_064655_02 DSC_0254 Lucetta photo large Peel 17 Apr 2002 lucetta and Arlene DSC_0230 Lucetta and Lawrence 17 Feb 01 taken by Bullock IMG_20220704_064655_01 LGG Blue Maize girl outfit 300dpi LGG Pattern design No4 300dpi IMG_20220704_064719_02 LGG cartoon 300dpi PHOTO68 IMG_20220704_064719_01 PICT0042 IMG_0033 Laura, Lawrence, Lucetta, Troy and Tiger Lucetta photo smiling Peel 17 Apr 2002 LGG Embroidary 300dpi Lucetta at lunch at Toronto Ladies Lucetta  photo Peel 17 Apr 2002 whatapp image 22-07-06-2.32 whatapp image 22-07-06-3.00 LGG-family-jordanstown LGG-family-jordanstown lgg with family in the 70s lgg with mum with sisters

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